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Just Imagine --

If you didn't think you wanted a cigarette,
and you didn't feel like you wanted one…
there would simply be no reason to smoke.

Tap into the power of your mind --
your true source of choice and self-control.

Learn to automatically think, feel and live
as a Healthy Non-Smoker for Life!™

It's not a secret that cigarettes are bad for your health.
So why do people keep smoking?

It's often just an old habit that became 'programmed' into your daily life many years ago.  For  many people, that was very long ago, when they were teenagers or young adults.  Think about it... how many of the things you did back then are still appropriate in your life today?  You've probably changed for the better since then, you've outgrown old habits, learned new skills, improved your life...

Now smoking can be a program that you've simply outgrown...
You can re-program your mind to think, feel and live
as a Healthy Non-Smoker for Life!

Consciously, you may have already decided to stop smoking... and maybe you've done that many times before.  Consciously you already know lots of reasons to stop smoking...

You know you should stop smoking to improve your health.
You know you will save money that you don't spend on cigarettes.
You know you'll probably feel better and look better in many ways.
You know that those who love you will be happy to have you live longer.

But, it's really your subconscious mind that smokes...
Your subconscious mind is the automatic part of your mind that runs your body... it beats your heart, makes you breathe, digests your food, runs your nervous system, and much more.  It also holds the programming for your habits, fears, emotions, dreams, attitudes and behaviors.  It's truly the powerful part of your mind... the part that "runs the show" and runs your life.

Willpower is conscious based.  It's when you're "trying"... when you're "willing" yourself to do something.  Willpower by itself doesn't work very well.  Do you think non-smokers have to "try" to not smoke each day?  Not at all... in fact, non-smokers just don't think about cigarettes at all.  Cigarettes are not in their programming.  It's not that they're lucky, or that they try hard, it's just that smoking is not in their programming. 

Do non-smokers ever have a bad day?  Sure they do.  Do they ever get angry, or frustrated, or stressed out?  Of course they do.  Do they hang out with friends and family?  Do they go out to sports events or parties?  Do they try to keep their weight under control to be a certain size?  Yes, yes, yes,... non-smokers do all of those things... and they do them without cigarettes.

The big difference between smokers and non-smokers is really simple.   Non-smokers never turn to a cigarette, no matter what situation or event or circumstance is happening around them.  They may have other habits that they turn to... but cigarettes are simply not a choice for them.

  • Non-smokers don't really think about cigarettes ever...
  • Non-smokers don't feel like they want a cigarette for any reason...
  • Non-smokers just live their life without cigarettes...
You can think, feel, and live as a Healthy Non-Smoker for Life!™
It's that simple.

In this program -- using a simple, natural, and effective method of self-hypnosis, you'll learn to access that powerful subconscious part of your mind, to re-program your attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors to be a non-smoker.

When your subconscious mind tells your body that you reject cigarettes and you no longer need or want them, there is no reason to smoke.

When your subconscious mind has better ways of dealing with stress and old habits, there is no reason to smoke.

When healthy food and clean water taste better than cigarettes, there is no reason to smoke.

When you have a simple, easy, effective way to take a 3 minute relaxing break during your day, there is no reason to smoke.

When there is no situation or circumstance where tobacco or cigarettes are in control of your life, there is no reason to smoke.

Once you learn the power of your subconscious mind, and you've learned to tap into that power, you may find other improvements in your life as well.

Many clients find that they:

Make healthier eating choices
Feel more motivated to exercise
Get rid of other old habits
Release excess weight
Have extra energy
Sleep better

So, call 1-888-497-8416 for a free phone consultation now!
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